Community Farm

Azora Community Farm was born out of passion for people and nature. The name Azora (which means sky blue) was once given to a health food business that was in Hillsborough village and closed over 3 years ago. Out of the ashes was rebirthed; the community farm… 


Like an increasing number of people we are passionate about what we eat – where it comes from, how it is grown and how it is distributed. We also see the major benefits from eating clean food that we can watch growing ourselves. Nothing more satisfying. 


We also think that the current model of food production and its associated market economy is broken and needs interjected with young people, enthusiastic to learn how to grow your own! 


Our focus and aims of our farm is to enable the growth of a community led project that will focus attention on getting the public back in love with plants, trees, the land and learn how to grow their own food again. This includes the importance of pollinators to make sure our food and natural habitat survives many more generations.


We want to educate local schools, communities and other organisations in the important job as guardians of the earth, and to have accessible use of facilities we establish for future generations.


Another major part of why we want to build on what we are already doing is the benefits to mental health, especially in today’s ever changing world. We would like to support the mentally challenged, disabled, convicted criminals, ethnic minorities and refugees and more of society that has been forgotten about. 


We think there are better ways which we hope to introduce with your help… 


  • Dedicated to the protection and support of our earth, follow healthy living lifestyles & eat healthy food.

  • Want to educate people about the consequences of the food they eat – how and where it was produced.

  • Believe in supporting the local economy so that the community benefits from business.

  • To end the use of chemicals on the land and be fully organic with every step we make. 

  • Want to be a centre of education for the community, and also ourselves, regarding health & living

  • Promote local and organic food that promotes health in the individual and the environment

  • Working towards a happier society that is more conscious and respectful to the environment

  • Want to make fruits & vegetables appealing to eat for children and adults alike and be able to grow them here in NI without having to ship them all over the world and contribute to the slave trade that still exists.

  • Help reverse climate change and introduce already existing tried and tested solutions to make this a cleaner world for us all to thrive in.


If you would like to help us on the farm, please get in touch via email or call 02892689222 or on Facebook or Instagram and leave us a message.